View from West and Faith

Oil on Wood Panel

40" x 45"


Non of this is real. It is a space made out of memories and imagination, where interior and exterior interacts by creating a diverse reality. I was interested in a moment where representation meets abstraction. I chose recognizable objects to create a sense of presence and personhood. 

Godparents' neighbourhood in Kulautuva

Oil on cotton paper

16 x 13 inches


Beside and Beyond

Mixed media on paper

24 x 18 inches


Same Space with Extra Doors

Oil on wood panel

30 x 40 inches


View from the North

Oil on weed panel

36'' x 48''



The space was made out of memories, experiences and fantasies. Some subjects were

fragments from my past in Lithuania, some were visualizations of places that moved me, other

areas are intuitively improvised. I was creating a space which doesn’t exist. 

View from South

Oil on Wood Panel

42" x 45"


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